Leading With Commercial Insights

Today most marketing and sales organizations consider the core of their job to be creating a crisp value proposition that clearly shows how their solution is better than the competitors. This is important but today empowered customers more and more seek “good enough” solutions. They won’t always pay for your superior solution and value proposition, even though they can see it provides incremental performance in some areas.

A vital task for the marketing and sales organization is therefore reframing the way customers think about their own business, so that customers are led uniquely to your solution. We call these reframing ideas Commercial Insights. Commercial Insight thus sparks a new kind of conversation with customers—one that doesn’t start with us or our latest “solution.”

It lets you start by teaching the customer something new about themselves in relation to what you do and know a lot about.

The Power of Storytelling

What sets top sales people apart? What is it that they do better than the rest? There are, of course, a number of factors, but one that we frequently observe is that top sellers are great storytellers. They put their points across not by pitching their products, but by sharing relevant, situation-specific anecdotes and stories that their prospects can relate to.

“Good salespeople sell lots of product, but great salespeople make lots of customers successful.”
– Mark Birch

The truth is, success in enterprise sales really comes down to one simple thing: your prospects need a solution and your number one goal is to help them get that solution.

Seize the opportunities of tomorrow

But if you want a seat at the table with them, you have to bring something their way they can’t get anywhere else.

These buyers have competing priorities and are getting approached ALL of the time. So once contact is made you need to find new and different ways to add value to what they’re trying to achieve and stand out from the crowd in the process.

Questions are key – make them count, listen, adjust, pivot, and respond in earnest to hit their nail on the head. LISTEN, pay attention, look for the space in between that nobody else would pick up on and use that fill the gaps they have.

But whatever you’re doing to consult and help, make sure it really delivers for your buyer – even if you don’t gain a thing from it right now. It’s like an investment account – you have to make deposits before you make withdrawals.

And the more you invest, the bigger will a potential win be.

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