Leading With Commercial Insights

Today most marketing and sales organizations consider the core of their job to be creating a crisp value proposition that clearly shows how their solution is better than the competitors. This is important but today empowered customers more and more seek “good enough” solutions. They won’t always pay for your superior solution and value proposition, […]

6 Ways Consolidation Creates Citizen Experience Success

Around the world, municipal agencies are trying to manage high service expectations from constituents. They are striving to do more – for more – with limited resources. And they are taking steps to ensure their efforts are meaningful and transparent. Consolidation may be one of the most reliable ways to achieve those goals. This lean […]

Thriving in the Age of the Customer

Empowered customers are changing the market fundamentals for virtually every industry, forcing companies to reinvent their strategy and operations. Gartner Research reports that 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. But according to Forrester, with only 5% of organizations feeling that they have mastered digital to a point of […]

The 4 Tips You Need to Improve Productivity and Customer Delight

Creating an impactful and personal customer journey begins with a clear and useful knowledge of how people interact with your environment, team, and offerings. Staff members working to achieve company objectives and perform their roles with the greatest possible productivity are most likely to succeed if they understand what customers want to achieve from start […]

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