Move your audience with an inspirational keynote

The point of a keynote speaker is to change the minds of a group of people, to persuade them of something they hadn't seen, known, or believed before. Let me inspire your team at your next event.

If you need to understand the need for meaningful change, or see how that change has affected someone in a real life situation, or hear from someone else why that change was so valuable and essential, inviting me as a keynote speaker is the ideal vessel to relay that message.

I see myself as a temporary leader who can inspire and move an audience to action. When I speak I have the opportunity to take your audience on a journey that can propel people to a new place, position, or outlook. People only take action because of other people, as a keynote speaker I have the unique opportunity to do exactly that.

Typically I speak about customer experience, customer engagement and sales & marketing. I can also offer unique and inspiring views about innovation and technology and how this will shape our future.

Some examples of topics:

  • Customer Experience Trends Today & Beyond
  • The Future Belongs To Companies That Create Incredible Customer Experiences
  • Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers
  • How To Shape Customer Experience With Technology
  • Change Leadership: Change Yourself, Others, Your Team and Organizations
  • Sales and Marketing Redefined.
  • The Future of Sales – A New Paradigm Is Here

I typically speak for 30-60 minutes and often participate in adjacent panel discussions.

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