The world of selling and marketing has changed, have you?

At best, sales and marketing teams are acquaintances. At worst, they’re enemies. Experify can help you create and develop efficient integrated marketing and sales teams and programs that drives sales and growth.

Do your salespeople understand:

  • The best way to approach a prospect who has more choice and access to knowledge than ever before
  • Where they deliver value for a customer
  • How to uncover buyer motivations and align internal stakeholders
  • How they sell in an economy that is moving from products and services to experiences
  • Why the traditional consultancy, solution selling, sales model is no longer as effective as before
  • How to utilise the new digital tools available to generate leads and establish credibility

The success of any product and service depends on how innovative is its sales and marketing strategy and effective implementation of it.  Determining the right customers to target, positioning and marketing mix based on a deep understanding of the market and meaningful data and customer insights not only meets the customer needs but also ensure the business growth.

Marketers also have to understand the new paradigm in B2B buying and how to best interact and cooperate with the sales department, regarding both small and large prospects and clients.

We have a strong understanding and experience of the new paradigm in B2B buying and how to develop sales and marketing teams to maximize a company’s opportunities with integrated marketing, sales and service processes and programs.


Build a powerful brand that world talks about and refer to others. We have a deep expertise branding process and can help you develop brand strategies and support implementation to build the powerful and enduring brand.
We can help you optimize your existing or develop new strategies that meet customer needs better than competitors and develop long-term profitable relationships with those customers.

Contact us if you…

  • Want to grow your pipeline
  • Want to re-engineer you sales process
  • Want to have a clear position and segmentation for your offering
  • Want a new and smarter price strategy
  • Need define key metrics to measure success
  • Want to improve relations and loyalty with existing clients
  • Desire to expand into new markets and attract new customers
  • Want to teach new skills and inspire your sales and marketing teams

Download our white paper on the future of Sales:

Experify White Paper

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