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People have trouble remembering actual details of an interaction, but no trouble remembering how those details made them feel. This means that perception is as much a part of customer experience as the actual customer experience. A great actual and perceived customer experience comes down to three factors – success, effort, and emotion.

Creating a consistent customer journey that narrows the gaps between digital and real world environments often means identifying friction points, understanding why they exist and having the resources in place to fix them quickly. From the standpoint of the customer, a smooth omnichannel experience is characterized by four qualities – reliability, relevance, value, and trust.

Aligning sales, marketing and account management is no longer recommended, but demanded. Organizations must ensure that teams are in sync with their counterparts. Winning companies will put simplicity at the heart of their sales and marketing processes. They will focus on systematically executing well defined sales playbooks with a deep understanding of the market and the customer at its core.

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